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Wisdom teeth are the final set of teeth to develop and commonly reach full development by a patient’s early 20s. At Star Valley Oral Surgery, our oral surgeon specializes in extracting wisdom teeth and has years of training and experience. Not everybody needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but the best way to find out is to visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for a consultation.

Should I have my wisdom teeth removed?

Everyone’s wisdom teeth develop at different rates and can appear at any age, from the early teens to the early 20s. Often, wisdom teeth don’t show any symptoms until they start causing problems. The best way to keep track of their growth is to visit your general dentist for routine cleanings. Your dentist is trained to look for signs of wisdom teeth growth and can recommend you to our oral surgery office when it’s time for your removal procedure. Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common surgeries performed by Dr. Gregory McGee.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Star Valley, WY

Our team in Star Valley, WY, can determine whether your wisdom teeth pose a risk to your oral health and if you need to have them removed. When wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow, they cause problems for the rest of your teeth and other structures in the mouth. Wisdom teeth removal is a simple procedure that can prevent problems from arising and preserve your overall oral health.

When you come in for a consultation at our practice in Star Valley, Dr. McGee will help you determine whether extraction is right for you. If your wisdom teeth are growing into a problematic position, your surgeon will help form a plan for your removal procedure. For more information about impacted wisdom teeth and other wisdom teeth questions, please give our office a call. One of our staff members will be happy to assist you with any questions.

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